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Yin and Yang
I am lost at the point the nightmares keep rolling in. He beat you and yell at you; I see no remorse in his eyes. He apologized and you bow, the mask on your face is calm and serene while you're screaming from behind. The closer I step towards the further he pulls you away. Are you running? Are you hiding? I can feel your soul drifting away. Yin without Yang; Yang without Yin. 

My fears seem true. Taking over my emotions, drowning in sorrow. Uncontrollable depression without a confirmed reason. My nightmares showing me the way when I close my lovely eyes. Screaming in my mind, I wake up paralyzed. 

My paranoia and fear hide from speaking out. Silent and voiceless I wait, hoping your souls connection with hear my mind crying for you.

Come Back! Save Yourself! Save Me!

Writer's Block: The long and winding road
Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

Honestly no I could not change anything difficult that I have pushed through in my life. From being a homeless teen who was abused by her father and lied to for many years. From being burned by so many people. Being forced to leave my safe, quite existence in one state where even though I am white I was literally a minority to turning into a wild child in another state for finally being accepted. No I couldn't. I like who I am today. A college student in a wonderful relationship. A closer bond to a mother that I spent 8 years mad at and hating because of lies. Closer friends. I just couldn't fathom the idea of who I would be today without everything that has happened. I have become a stronger person. I have personality. My life no longer revolves around hiding in a book. (I still read, but it isn't an escape from a harsh reality any longer. It is a passion)

I know there are some people who are out there thinking they would. Thinking they are damned in this world because everything has fallen apart. But one thing we all have to remember is that when things go a certain way, you learn from it and you grow. If you refuse to grow then you will be stuck in a rut, miserable and having no way out. Motivation to live and find that balance is what you need to keep growing. Life is a lesson. It wont come easy. So have some fun, learn, and grow into a fantastic person. There is a light I promise. Just keep believing.