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22 September
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I am just a "normal" individual, learning and growing with the passing days. I am willing to try new things, and see things in a way that someone else may enjoy. Random and notorious for speaking before I have thought the statement completely through. I love Rubber Ducks. Can't get enough of them. I am at the point where shelving is now required for said ducks. I also love skulls (not in some creepy way just pictures and tattoo's of them and the like). I have 12 piercings and one tattoo (Music Notes flowing off my shoulder into the world of wonders).
I am going to school to be a Psychiatrist one of these days. Pass on the knowledge and advice that will help someone clawing at the walls of the world to get out. Survival must be given tools, and I shall be the land that supplies those tools in a basic manner. I will open the door but you must walk through. See what wisdom I already posses? I am only being facetious and don't really ask you to think I am a pompous know it all.
Well time for the rambling to end. The endless things one could tell you. But I shall let you wonder for now.